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The Hispano-Árabe

    The Hispano-Árabe has been bred in Spain for centuries to produce a pre-potent
    blend of the Andalusian and Arab, resulting in a versatile all purpose riding horse.

    Like the  Lippitzaner, the Hispano-Árabe is considered a breed of horse in its own right;
    derived from the Pure Spanish Horses (PRE). It is not a partbred despite the continued
    selective use of Pure Spanish Horses to improve breeding programmes through the years.

    After years of lobbying, Alvero Domecq, a strong advocate of the excellence of the
    Hispano-Árabe , brought about the official acceptance of this versatile breed and
    recognition of the need to protect and preserve it's dwindling numbers with the
    introduction of a
    breeding regeneration programme and inclusion of the breed into
    a special Section of the Spanish Stud Book.

    The Hispano-Árabe and the Pure Spanish Horse are regarded as two different breeds
    each demonstrating the characteristics correct to the breed to which they belong.

    The Hispano-Árabe like the Pure Spanish Horse is subject to a grading procedure
    before being granted approval for breeding. This grading is to ensure that only sound
    horses with well defined characteristics are used for breeding.

    "The Spanish Horse crossed to perfection with Arab and got a masterpiece,
    the Hispano-Árabe which relieved the breed and provided it with greater speed,
    without losing an ounce of arrogance"
Alvaro Domecq of Diez
'Horses in Spain'

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