Pura Raza Hispano-Árabe Stud Stallion
Spanish State Approved

Born: 2002

    Know as Tzar he is the son of Epona Chimene and Demon a Russian Arabian race horse,
    the first Arabian blood introduced on this side in over 100 years.
    Demon, born and bred at Tersk in Russia has an impressive ancestry of racing sires and
    dams, bringing to our Hispano-Árabes the gift of their speed and added stamina.

    Tzar was graded by the Cria Caballar at their request during their last visit in 2006 to
    ensure our breeding programme could continue without disruption from Spain's internal
    transfer of Studbooks and uncertainty over when the official UK gradings would resume.
    The 'new' Arabian blood means he has been slow maturing, and taking account of this
    the Cria have passed him apto with his grading open for Calificardo assessment on
    submission for grading when UEGHá visit.

    Tzar has been raised in a social herd situation with mares and this year has started stud duties with his first foals due in 2011. Until he is graded suitable for AI he will be available for a limited number of visiting mares for natural service in 2011.

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