Foundation Stallion

~ Spanish State ~

~ National Stallion ~
Terry and Domecq

Imported 1984

1976 ~ 2000

Mejicano VI
Perseguida II
Mejicana III
Destinada IV

    Piyayo was not a first generation cross-breed. He was descended from many generations
    of infusing Hispano-Árabe bloodlines with Pure Spanish bloodlines.
    The original Pure Arab breeding no longer traceable. In 1986 the British Arabian Society
    was interested in entering Piyayo on their register and required a minimum of 7%
    identified Pure Arabian heritage, an extensive search by them in co-operation with Spain
    could not trace even that small percentage lineage.

    The Spanish State Foundation Stud Book for Hispano-Árabe horses (which is now closed)
    registered all Hispano-Árabe horses submitted, as 50:50 ratio of Pure Spanish (PRE):
    Pure Arabian blood regardless of the real ratio (if at all identifiable).

    Note: In 2002 having validated the breed regeneration plan the Cria Caballar transferred
    the breed Studbook to UEGHá. The State requirement for conformity of Hispano-Árabe
    breeding and registration across Spain resulted in the submission of a number of
    Hispano-Árabe horses meeting breed standards but without correct documentation.
    To deal with this UEGHá carries an Auxiliary Registry that in effect equates to the
    original Foundation Stud Book.

    Subsequent Hispano-Árabe stock bred according to the rules and regulations passed
    down from the Stud Book of Spain would enter into a new register that recorded the
    percentage ratio based on the breeding either from Foundation horses or new F1
    generation of PRE x Arabian bloodlines.

    These are Pura Raza Hispano-Árabes PRHá

    a classic example of the Iberian horse,
    he was compact and powerful,
    short-coupled, strong conformation
    with excellent dense bone.

    His action was extravagant,
    tempered with the grace and agility
    Arabian influence.

    Piyayo was bred and trained
    for bullfighting and
    went on to train and compete in
    dressage and piussance jumping.
    1989 Stonleigh Championships
    Miss Jane Kidd judging
    described Piyayo as
    "The Rolls Royce of Horses"

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