Pura Raza Hispano-Árabe
First Generation Mares

    Our breeding programme is founded upon Piyayo. With no other Hispano-Árabes in the
    UK; particularly mares, we have within the breed criteria introduced both Pure Arabian
    and Pure Spanish horses to provide two Pure Raza Hispano-Árabe daughters from Piyayo
    to give the spring-board of our continued Hispano-Árabe breeding programme.

    The bloodlines of the PRE and Arabian horses has added diversity to our genetic
    possibilities while retaining and fixing all the characteristics and quality of the
    Hispano-Árabe as exemplified by Piyayo.


    The first Pure Arabian blood for nearly 100 years has been introduced to the line
    by Asoka Minara, a Polish Arabian mare from a line of performance Arabians,
    herself a Golden Horseshoe qualifier.
    Her daughter by Piyayo is Epona Pandora, one of our foundation mares.

    Minara with Epona Pandora
    Born 1993

    Due to the Foundation Studbook listing all existing Hispano-Árabes such as Piyayo
    as a base 50% Arab; Epona Pandora is registered as 25%PRE : 75%Arab

    Pandora graded as the highest apto mare
    of her time, with exceptional movement.
    She has proved an excellent dressage and
    endurance pleasure riding horse, as well as
    being endowed with her sires tremendous
    power for jumping.

    Her passion has proved to be as
    a lead herd and boodmare

    Pandora with her colt foal
    Epona Puccini at foot.


    We were honoured to be given the opportunity from Rosy Hutchinson to 'borrow'
    her PRE mare Raglan Joya to breed with Piyayo.
    It has to be noted that few UK owners of PRE mares have appreciated the importance
    to the Hispano-Árabe regeneration programme of using Spanish mares, so the vision of
    Rosy and the few who set aside their PRE mares to breed Hispano-Árabes is very much

    Raglan Joya with Epona Chimene
    Born 1995

    The other side to the continued Hispano-Árabes breeding programme comes from
    the lineage of Pandora's half sister; Epona Chimene, she is registered as
    75%PRE : 25%Arab. In reality any Arabian influence is suppressed by the high ratio PRE
    breeding and Chimene in type is very much PRE herself. Both as a foal and during her
    grading the Cria mistakenly took her for being a PRE! Therefore respecting
    her PRE genetic profile in our Hispano-Árabe programme, Chimene breeds with
    quality selected proven performance Arabians to introduce diversity to our stock.

    Chimene has been a wonderful riding
    and driving horse as well as providing
    our second generation Hispano-Árabe
    stallion Epona Balthazar.

    Introducing Epona Valiente the
    1st UK Hispano-Árabe foal of 2011.
    Son of Chimene and Marcus Aurelius of the Avonbrook Stud

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