For those whose interest in the horses of Spain goes beyond a cursory glance there is no
    better authority, in this country, on the horses of the Iberian Peninsular than Sylvia Loch;
    her book 'The Royal Horse of Europe The story of the Andalusian and Lusitano',
    is well worth reading.

    There are many sources both in books and websites providing the full history of the
    Andalusian and it's part as ' the horse that conquered Europe' both under saddle as a
    superb fighting horse and through its world wide breeding with many native horses.

    The pages attached here are not to repeat information already scattered about, but to give
    an overview in order that the origins of the Hispano-Árabes can be understood and
    potential owners or breeders know exactly why it is now recognised as a breed in its own
    right and what makes a horse a Hispano-Árabes and not just a part-breed.

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