Horse Thoughts

    Natural Equine Care

    We have always practiced natural management of
    our horses keeping them as an integrated herd with
    the stallion and mares being able to socialise.
    As part of that system I have for many years used
    herbs, essential oils and homeopathy in their care,
    and in recent years incorporated Aloe Vera products
    to great effect. The Equine Healthcare page introduces and shares with you some of the
    uses of these products. Please feel free to contact me if you require further information or
    are interested in buying wholesale.

    The Life and Times of Piyayo

    Piyayo was an extraordinary horse of great character and abilities, in his very full life he
    charmed many people both in and outside of the equestrian world. Many stories have flown
    around about him, sadly a few invented with the sole intention of defamation of an animal
    that had never given offence. In respect for him and at the request of those whose lives
    were touched by him we started writing about his life; not exactly a quickly achieved task
    but one still ongoing.
    At present I apologise as the writing has been interrupted in pursuit of research and work to
    leave a more substantial legacy acknowledging not just Piyayo but all Hispano-Árabes; that
    being the establishment of a UK daughter studbook and greater publicity of the correct
    information about these horses.


    For many years the Hispano-Árabe has been very much misunderstood and misrepresented; as a result of which many breeders/owners have fallen in love with these superb horses only to be thwarted at every move to seek information, representation or advice and recognition of their horses.
    Not Anymore! The Hispano-Árabe now has its own Breed Society/Registration service here in the UK working with Unión Española de Ganaderos de Caballos de Raza Hispano-árabe (UEGHá) in Spain.

    UEGHá is the organisation responsible for the Mother Studbook. In 2006 when they took responsibility to continue the work the Cria Caballar had begun 30 years ago there were a large number of Spanish breeders who had not at the outset fallen into compliance with the breeding programme being implemented. To some extent this was due to concern by the ranchers/vaqueraos that the demands to fix the Hispano-Árabe breed in terms of zootechnic formulae would corrupt and alter the breed if it did not take account of centuries of the breeders selecting for performance on the proven capability of the horse in work and sport.

    The breed regeneration programme that the Cria started has proved successful and the Rules and Procedures they implemented are now the guiding formulae for the Stud Book with proven results in the quality and performance of the Hispano-Árabe.

    Over the last 3 years I have worked with the UEGHá and DEFRA to provide once again an agency here in the UK for our horses to be recognised and included in the Stud Book. Anyone breeding Hispano-Árabe horses and wanting them recognised as Hispano-Árabe please contact Hispano-Árabe UK to inscribe foals.

    Spain has never delegated authority to any other organisation to issue breed specific passports so you can only register your horse as a Hispano-Árabe by inscription into the Stud Book. Registration and passports issued by any other body will only have PIO clearance to mark your horse as a part bred of that organisation so do not be mistaken into thinking you have correctly registered your horse if you have not inscribed it into the Stud Book for the breed.

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