About Epona Hispano-Árabe Stud

    In 1986 with the wonderful performance horse Piyayo imported from Spain, this stud
    set out as a pleasurable journey to breed and promote the production and use of
    Hispano-Árabe (Há) horses in Great Britain as a versatile, pleasure and competition
    riding horse.

    At that time with the recent recognition of these horses and setting up of a foundation
    stud book in Spain,  Piyayo was the only original Hispano-Árabe stallion in this country.
    The UK breeding programme for these horses was going to come from first generation
    permissible crossing of Pure Spanish Horses (PRE) and Arabians and infusion of these
    types of horses with Piyayo.

    Other studs breeding PRE and Arabians have over that time produced very good
    Hispano-Árabe stock, but sadly; with the exception of one or two, failed to then continue
    those lines to establish second and third generation stock that would 'fix' the breed and
    provide this country with its own self sufficient blood stock. On the whole the majority
    of Hispano-Árabe (Há) horses in this country today are still first generation PRE x Arabe
    not Há x Há. As there are very few of these horses being productively bred,
    Hispano-Árabe horses in this country are very much a minority breed.

    The Epona Hispano-Árabe Stud has over that time steadily continued to produce
    Hispano-Árabe stock adding in new PRE or Arabian blood by necessity due to the initial
    lack of Há mares for Piyayo, and are only now with the second generation of Piyayo's
    line starting to produce Hispano-Árabe horses through a breeding programme of Há x Há.


    Now our third generation from Piyayo; through his grandson Epona Balthazar (Tzar), is
    coming into existence with the abilities and personality of Piyayo continuing to re-appear
    in the magnificent Epona lines that continue in honour of him. This stud is producing
    Hispano-Árabe horses that are established foundation lines and our hope is that they in
    the future will be bred to the Há horses that have like them followed down from studs
    breeding for the continuity of this breed and not just breeding a one off cross.

    As a breed in their own right these are wonderful horses to work with and ride in any
    equestrian sport, they are pre-potent in breeding with other horse breeds to produce
    outstanding partbreds.

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